Fragmentation in health care contributes to multiple problems, including gaps in patient care, inefficiencies in clinical care and operations, poor flow of data, and misaligned incentives. It can also create increases in inequities. When patchworks of safety nets are fragmented and stretched to their limits, patients may fall between the nets.

Health insurance providers are working with providers, technology partners, and other industry stakeholders to bridge gaps in care and data flow. They are examining the implications of a fragmented care system and taking steps to drive more coordinated, collaborative care. This session from AHIP's 2022 annual conference examines how Blue Shield of California and CareOregon are building bridges and breaking down barriers to a create a more cohesive health care system and looking at the entire health care ecosystem as a whole.

Industry Initiatives director, Shruti Kothari speaks to how her team is working to drive industry alignment to bridge gaps in value-based payments as well as data sharing. She also discusses what it takes to build successful cross-sector industry collaboration and the role of policy in addressing fragmentation across the health care ecosystem.


  • Shruti Kothari, Director of Industry Initiatives from Blue Shield of California
  • Dr. Amit Shah, Chief Medical Officer from CareOregon
  • Mollie Gelburd, AHIP, Moderator