Addressing Social Drivers of Health Through Workforce Innovation and Collaboration

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Millions of Americans lack access to the social supports essential to their health and wellbeing – such as safe housing, healthy and affordable foods, and transportation. Health outcomes are driven by systemic racism and community-level conditions, including environmental and socioeconomic factors such as chronic poverty, that disproportionately impact marginalized communities. Recent reforms in California and other states aim to make stronger linkages between health care and these social drivers of health to holistically address individual health and improve health outcomes.

In this September 27th discussion panelists dig into how health care providers and community-based organizations can come together to address social drivers of health and unmet health-related social needs, as well as how California can grow the community health workforce and strengthen pathways for social needs referrals across providers.

Objectives for Event:

  • Present a future vision for effective coordination between health care systems and communities that can address patient social needs and the social drivers of health
  • Build the case for why multi-stakeholder collaboration is necessary to grow the community health workforce and strengthen referral pathways
  • Provide examples of how payers, providers, community-based organizations, and technology companies are collaborating to resource and improve access to solutions

Speakers include: